Taxreads -British Tax Accountants

Helping British businesses achieve more

About us

we are a team of professional accountants trained from top consulting firms to add value in client business by providing tailored accounting and tax services which enhances business valuation.

Our services aim to keep your business compliant to the frequently changing tax and accounting rules. we keep control of all the compliance deadlines along with plan on how to achieve more in your specific cercumstances.

Achieving more could mean different for everyone. It could be

  • Keeping your books organized so you can present them to potential investor, lenders or government institutions.
  • Creating projections which can be presented for grants or securing a loan.
  • Reducing your corporation tax liabilities because you think you should be paying less taxes.
  • looking after payroll of your employees.
  • Helping you transition from sole trade to incorporation
  • Helping you optimize your tax position so your overall take home could increase
  • Taking benefits of tax allowances and exemptions to maximize your profits.
  • Optimise your personal taxes on your salaries, dividends and other income.
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